How to Consign

How much does it cost to consign?

The sellers’ premium is 15%. There are no other charges or fees to the seller.

What exactly am I paying for?

  • When you consign, we do all the work. We appraise and catalogue the item(s). We write good descriptions and take high quality photos. We promote the sale and sell the items on our own website. We invoice purchasers and ship the items ourselves.
  • You benefit from our experience and our credibility. We are experts in antique Canadian bottles, crocks and tins. We will appraise your items and list them properly. When in doubt, we consult our network to be sure.
  • You gain access to a community of buyers. We have been in the business of selling antique Canadian bottles, crocks and tins for over 30 years. We have a mature network and a large subscriber base. We have buyers in every Canadian province as well as abroad.
  • We pride ourselves on providing the best possible customer service experience. We respect our consignors and we work with them to ensure they are satisfied.
  • We get results! We consistently get high prices for the items we sell online.

How are value ranges and minimum prices set?

We appraise the items and suggest value ranges and minimums. We consult with consignors when determining these things. These values are always agreed upon before any lot is posted. Minimums are generally half the high value price.

For example:
Range: $400-$600
Minimum Bid: $300

Can I put a reserve on my consignments?

Yes, but certain conditions apply. We set our minimum bids quite high – effectively removing the need for a reserve. However, we will accept reserves on higher priced items to protect your investment.

Are my items insured when they are consigned?

No. Insurance costs for this kind of coverage are not affordable for our small business.

Important: We take the greatest care with consignments, but the risk is yours should they be damaged when in our possession.

How soon will I be paid?

We try and get cheques out to consignors one month after the auction closes. It takes a month because we have to wait ourselves to receive all the payments and to allow for cheques to clear the bank.

Will you pick up my consignments?

It depends. If you have a relatively large number of quality consignments, we will pick them up without any charge to you. If there are just a few items, then consignors typically mail them to us at their cost.

Is there a minimum value for consignments?

Yes. We do not accept consignments with a value of less than $100. We sell higher quality antique Canadian bottles, crocks and tins.

Will you sell other things than just antique Canadian bottles, crocks and tins?

Our specialty is antique Canadian bottles, crocks and tins but we feel confident we can get strong results for other kinds of primitive Canadiana. If it was sold in the nineteenth century in a general store and is marked by a Canadian merchant or manufacturer – then we are interested. We do not sell finer things, like pressed glass, china, silver, etc.

What happens if my item does not sell?

You have three choices. We can list the item again in the next auction with a lower minimum bid. We can return the item to you at your cost. Or we may buy it directly – if we can agree on a price.

Do you buy items or collections directly?

Yes. We are collectors ourselves and we also deal antiques. If you would rather sell directly, let us know.