MLA Auction 47 – Spring 2019 – Ginger Beers

Closed Sat May 11 at 6pm ET.

GB035 Pelissier – Winnipeg
Minimum Bid: $750
Sold: Not

The Pelissier & Sons is hands-down one of Canada’s best ginger beers. This is an extremely rare bottle with only a handful known. The beaver trademark is iconic. The brown top is a one-of-a-kind style for Canadian ginger beers. This one came to us with a long flake off the lip and a hole drilled in the back near the base. From the hole there was a 3″ hairline crack. This bottle has been professionally restored and displays perfectly. Here is your chance to own one of Canada’s best ginger beers without spending the price of a used car.

GB036 Nicklin – Winnipeg
Minimum Bid: $400
Sold: $750

The R. Nicklin Mason’s home brewed Devonshire ginger beer is a very rare bottle. It has been ten years since I have handled one and this may well be that one. Attractive Champagne style form. Near mint with only minor imperfections. Better than yours, if you are lucky enough to have one.

GB037 Givans – Moncton
Minimum Bid: $500
Sold: $900

It has been a very long time since I have had a good example of a Givans to sell. This Wm Givans ginger beer from Moncton NB is a rare bottle. The bottle itself was made by the Brantford Stoneware Co. These bottles are prone to glaze issues like crazing, but this one is remarkably clean. Near mint. Best possible example of this one.

GB038 Brooks – Victoria
Minimum Bid: $300
Sold: $500

A spectacular example of the scarce Thomas Brooks English ginger beer from Victoria BC. Dead mint condition. Better than yours!

GB039 Crown Brewery – Brandon
Minimum Bid: $150
Sold: $190

A rare pint bottle from the Crown Brewery of Brandon MB. The Crown Brewery operated in Brandon from 1888-1895. The bottle is a scarce stove-pipe style pint made by the Brantford Stoneware Mnft Co. This bottle has a great almost scale-like texture to the glaze. Near mint condition with some crazing and minor rust from burial. Tiny flea bite in the lip. This is a rare bottle seldom seen in any condition.

GB040 Donovan – Halifax
Minimum Bid: $100
Sold: $240

A nice example of the W.H. Donovan with dark brown glazed top. 1/4″ unseparated chip in the lip left side. Otherwise very clean.

GB041 Terris – St. John
Minimum Bid: $100
Sold: $200

A nice blue top Terris root beer from St. John NB. Heavy scrape front right. A few scratches from burial. Good clean lip. A nice example and you could probably improve on the scrape.

GB042 McIntyre & Townsend – St. John
Minimum Bid: $75
Sold: $110

A scarce pint size McIntyre & Townsend stone ale from St. John NB. Professional restoration to the lip that is very well done. A bit of rust to the body. A clean looking example of this one.

GB043 Empire Brewery – Brandon
Minimum Bid: $75
Sold: $250

An uncommonly good example of the Empire Brewing Co quart ginger beer. An impressive big bottle with a great transfer. Near mint with the tiniest flea bite. Great speckled glaze on the top. Good clean transfer on a design that is often heavy and blurred. A real looker!

GB044 Gibbon’s – Halifax
Minimum Bid: $75
Sold: $110

A super example of the Wm Gibbons Indian beer from Halifax NS. Near mint condition. One of the best transfers! If you have wanted one of these, this is it!

GB045 Sussex Mineral Springs
Minimum Bid: $75
Sold: $75

A really nice example of the Malteze trademark Sussex Mineral Springs ginger beer. Near mint condition. Faintly marked and matching stopper.

GB046 Gurds Threesome
Minimum Bid: $75
Sold: $150

Lot of three Gurds ginger beers. The dark green top one left is perfect. Great glaze to the top of this one with a run of teal colour. The reddish brown top middle is a Maritime Division St. John NB. Near mint with a tiny flake off the mouth. The teal one right is perfect.

GB047 Gurds Threesome
Minimum Bid: $75
Sold: $230

Lot of three Gurds ginger beers. The teal one left is a Montreal variant. Mint condition. The reddish brown top centre is a Maritime Division. Near mint with the tiniest flea bites off the lip. The dark green top right has a poorly repaired chip in the lip.