MLA Auction 45 – Spring 2018 – Eastern Ginger Beers

Closed Sat May 12 at 6pm ET.

GB021 Emack – Frederickton
Minimum Bid: $2000
Current Bid: DNMR

The Emack Brothers ginger beer from Fredericton NB is one of Canada’s best. We have sold two mint examples which realized around $10,000 each with premiums and taxes. By far the most money paid for a Canadian ginger beer. The one in this sale came to me with a heavy crack down the right side (and partly around the base edge) and heavy rust around the neck from the stopper bail. I had this bottle fully and professionally restored. Gone is the rust and the crack has been expertly hidden. The bottle now displays near mint. He is your chance to own an Emack without having to sell the car.

GB022 J. Devine – Saint John
Minimum Bid: $200
Sold: $210

A big crude J. Devine 1853 predate (Saint John). The last digit is hard to read and may be a “2”. Heavy 1″ base edge chip at rear. Minor 1/4″ flake flake off the blob inside edge. Overall excellent condition.

GB023 Bennett – Saint Johns
Minimum Bid: $150
Sold: $400

A scarce J.R. Bennett Gaden’s Aerated Water Works from Saint Johns NF. Professional restoration to the blob. Heavy shovel scrape front right face. The name “Gaden’s” in the transfer is blurred. This bottle “sold” last auction but was not paid for – so we are offering it again.

GB024 Halifax Threesome
Minimum Bid: $100
Sold: $160

A lot of three Halifax ginger beers. The Wilson & Sullivan is near mint with only minor imperfections. The Gibbons celebrated Indian beer is excellent with a 1/4″ thin base edge flake and a few scratches. The Atlantic Mineral Water Co has a 1/4″ flake off the inside blob edge and a heavy base edge separation mark rear. This last one is in great shape; the damage is minor.

GB025 Dated McKee Foursome
Minimum Bid: $100
Sold: $160

A lot of four dated McKee & Sons from Fredericton. All four bottles in this lot are very clean examples with only minor issues. The 1905 far left has a 1/4″ base edge flake front left. The 1908 has a sm thin chip off the rear of the blob. The 1909 and 1911 are both near mint with only minor imperfections. The 1911 has an unusual area on the rear shoulder where the glaze has separated. This adds character in my opinion and is not any kind of damage.

GB026 Orange Crush – Truro
Minimum Bid: $50
Sold: $120

A nice pair of Orange Crush bottles from Truro. Both are near mint with only minor imperfections.

GB027 Nova Scotia Pair
Minimum Bid: $50
Sold: $80

A pair of NS ginger beers. The Bigelow & Hood Truro has some heavy flaking off the top and a bit of light scratching to the body. The Bigelow & Co Halifax also has heavy flaking to the top and a bit of light body rust.